Why flow decision is added in a flow chart instead of if-else? and in sequence not decision flow?

whats the major difference?

There is no difference between if else and flow decision.

so we can use in both the cases?

Hi @Swagasmini_Jena

All are the same except for coding standard point if you want to invoke xaml on true condition or false set a flag as false for decision flow and if else is helpful for normal condition with to print the original output


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yes … but in flowchart we need to use flow decision and in sequence we need to use if else bcz flow decision is designed for flowchart template.


Hi , Both perform same function but different in purpose
If else: you can use this inside sequence
the problem with if else is you can not loop back to any previous scenarios from Then or from else part

Flow Decision , you can use inside flow chart only , and with the help of flow decision you can loop / navigate the flow to any scenarios / sequences


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