Not able to drag flow decision inside try blog

not able to drag flow decision inside try blog

Hi @Aditya10989
Flow decision activity can be used inside flowchart only. You can use If activity When you are using Sequence.


@jitendra_123 thanks for reply I am using flow chart.In this One sequence check claim status inside this where I am using flow decision as mention

in screen shot

yes that’s what i’am saying You can not Take Flow decision in Sequence. try to use it outside the sequence. Otherwise if you want to use the use If activity inside the sequence both activity works similarly.

Now I am using outside sequence in inside for each row as mention in screen shot.I am not using if condition because I already used multiple if condition so after my code review got suggestion use flow decision instead of if
Nested If

If you use Nested if, it is very difficult to understand the workflow, because the IF activity splits a sequence vertically and is perfect for short balanced linear branches. Challenges come when more conditions need to be chained in an IF… ELSE IF manner, especially when branches exceed available screen size in either width or height

anyone help me…?

you can use switch for multiple if’s, if you can!!!
makes life easier for you :slight_smile:

switch used when we have one input and multiple output but in my case use if condition after getting output according to the output again used if condition means if inside if hope now you can understand for your better understand I am sending you a diagram also

I also discuss this question many time but no one able to answer

@Shubham_Varshney not able to answer…?or you are not able to understand my requirement like all…??

If you feel this is difficult, thats where the flag variables, simply boolean variables are used @Aditya10989, Check if the requirement is satisfied, then take the output as a boolean, then outside the check, use that boolean and check another condition :slight_smile:

That makes the things simple, even a simple thing. Why don’t you try this way? Actually, that is a logic :slight_smile:

thanks for reply but I did not under this logic shell you please send me one condition how to apply.

this will require multiple if’s only!!!
switch would work on same conditions only!!!

Check this @Aditya10989

Just for reference, I hope you understand this

MultipleIF.xaml (5.0 KB)