Why does UIPath studio keep adding another sequence into browser scope?

Must admit… trying to automate the web browser has been a maddening experience. The recorder output doesn’t work, and when I try to build something myself step by step… the locator identification process is entirely counterintuitive. I hope I’m due for an “ah ha” moment soon.

When I drag an AttachBrowser activity into the canvas, it comes with a “Do” activity inside… which seems to be a sequence. I have started adding some “Type Into” actions into “Do”… and suddenly I see that UIPath has automatically added yet another “Sequence” to encapsulate “Do” which holds my actions. Any time I try to drag “Do” out of that “Sequence”, UIPath creates another “Sequence” and places “Do” inside that, leaving the original “Sequence” orphaned below.

Why is UIPath creating a redundant “Sequence” to encapsulate “Do” which is already a sequence?


haha funny isn’t it.:grin:

It won’t add another sequence unless you move any activity(typeinto) out of “Do” Container .
Its not really redundant, it really helps developer to modularize the set of activity rather than dragging another sequence from the activity tab .In later in time it will helps to understand the flow of the code easily while analyzing/debugging.

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Actually it does add a sequence even when all Activities are in Do.

All of my activities are inside Do (which I believe is… a sequence). Then there is another sequence around Do, with no activities outside of Do. When I try to drag only Do out of the sequence, another sequence is generated, leaving the other one an orphan.

I get the concept of flow… but all of my activities are contained in Do (a sequence that could easily be understood, copied, pasted elsewhere, etc.). I see no need to wrap another sequence around Do.

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I experience the same problem.