Why are some activities required to be in a Sequence container?

I’ve noticed in Studio that by recording and dragging and dropping activities into my sequences that a Sequence container often appears automatically. Some activities seem required to be in a Sequence container. Some do not. When I edit my workflows, I often notice a lot of nested “Sequences” and “Dos.”

I also realized that the “Do” container is a “Sequence” container labeled “Do”.

I’ve tried to remove nested, superfluous “Sequence” and “Do” containers for better readability by dragging an activity out of the nested Sequence. But often Studio automatically creates another Sequence container for that activity. I’m left wondering why the Sequence containers need to be there and what are they doing.

Can anyone explain why Studio requires a “Sequence” inside another “Sequence” and why some activities are required to be in their own “Sequence” container?

Allow me to explain it this way lets say you have a sequence which is having an if condition now in if condition when condition is met the you have 1 activity and in else condition you have 3 different activities so you will have to take a sequence for those 3 they cannot float individually like this

If you have a single activity in something that will be there without sequence but if its more than 1 then you will have to get them in sequence.

This helps in defining the scope of variables as well

Just to add to a nice response before, you can remove a redundant sequence by right clicking it and choosing “remove sequence”

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