Why do we have separate flow of Assets in InitAllSettings.xaml in REFramework


I was checking the “InitAllSettings.xaml” file in REFramework. I noticed that there is a single loop for Settings and Constants and different loop for assets. Do we have any specific reason for the same?

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Hello @Karan_Gupta1 ,

Condition is defined as Config is Nothing, Re-Framework is designed to read the Config only once…

You can change it accordingly

Hi Pradeep_Shiv

Thanks for the prompt reply. My question is - all the activities inside the InitializeAllSettings are executed only one. The purpose of this workflow file is to read the config.xlsx file.

In the config.xlsx file, they have 2 loops i.e. one for reading the Settings and Constant sheet and other for Asset sheet. My question is, we can read all the three sheets using the single loop. So, why do we have 2 loops inside the InitializeAllSettings file.

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Settings and constants are read from the local configuration file, and assets are fetched from Orchestrator.
Asset values overwrite settings and constant values if they are defined with the same name.

because assets are handled differently from settings and contsants,

  1. settings and constants table have the same structure, the columns are Name , Value

But For assets it is Name, Asset, ORchestrator Folder

  1. robot has different exception handling logic for read settings/constants and assets
    a) for settings/constants the robot simply read the values from excel so if theres an exception, the robot will throw it
    b) but for each asset the robot has to try to get the value from orchestrator, if it fails it will just log a message and not throw any exception

If you want one loop to handle it you can, but you probably need to change most of InitAllSettings.xaml

hope this helps

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