Why adding a robot into an environment is vital for executing a process?

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I am doing level 2 training. I am testing how to move a package into a process and run it.

And I found that without designating an environment to a process, I cannot even create a process.

Why is it a mandatory feature?

I just want to test a simple process with a bot, not an environment.

Do you know why UiPath has made processes cannot be generated without having an environment?


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yah Of course
We do need environment when we are trying to execute a process
—the reason is when we are farting a machine in orchestrator that means we are trying to provide the access to our machine where we want to execute our process so that we can run our process in that machine from being in orchestrator
—not just adding a machine would do that so we need a robot to be provisioned in the orchestrator
So we need to create a robot and mention the machine created in that robot
—now we are ready to execute that process
But still we need to allocate that robot to a environment
—so ENVIRONMENT here implies that it can hold all the robot we want and environment is a grouping of Robots, that is used to deploy processes.
—unless we group the robots here we won’t be able to deploy the process
—and as you asked the main reason why have a environment tagged while creating a process, the reason if we want to execute that process in more than one machine that is more than one robot we need the environment only to be tagged with A process as it holds the group of robot
—to make that happen we need a environment to be mentioned while before running a process and once the environment is chosen we will be given an option to select any one of the robot from the group that environment has
—or even we can choose n number of robots we want

That’s the reason why we have environment tagged to a process and unless we tag it we won’t be able to execute a process

For more info on environment

Hope this would help you
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the reason if we want to execute that process in more than one machine that is m
What if we “do not” want to …
Why must use environment even when we do not want to…

Thanks any way. @ Palaniyappan

See usually when we develop a product it should be made in such a way that it should meet any need
like as you are saying “what if we do not want to” which wont get impacted if we are placing it in a environment
but think if we want to run in multiple bot, we need such environment right which will be of great impact if that feature is not there

–so while developing orchestrator from the initial stage itself, uipath didnt take that chance

hope now i m clear
Cheers @Daun

The reason it’s mandatory is because in order to allocate a Robot dynamically, it needs to have a pool of Robots to select from. The Environment gives it that pool of Robots to choose from.

Also, the reason you should use Environments is so you can restrict processes to only using certain Robots. This is useful when you have a Robot that just doesn’t work and needs to be fixed, while not impacting your current processes that might be running throughout the day.