What is use of Environment construct in UiPath

In Orchestrator , there is a construct called "Environment’ which is said to be a "grouping " of Robots. What is the practical use of this? Why cant we deploy a process to an individual robot but have to do it for an “Environment”.

In a way I also find this environment construct misnomer because typically in IT Environment is thought of as a sandbox or isolated unit for Dev, pre-prod and test. But for large organisations usually we will have different tenants or Orchestrator instances as Dev, Prod environment. So what is the real use and intention of Environment construct in orchestrator ?


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That is hardly useful. I know it is grouping of robots. But for use is my question!. What is it is achieving and why is it named "Enviornment’?

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For each robot machine, we have to create seperate Environment by providing robot machine in it and then Orchestrator will generate robot key and we have to copy into that Robot Machine in Orchestrator settings under system tray.

lets go one by one with a example
–the main role of orchestrator is to manage robots and its execution
–robots are created for each machine, that is a system is named as machine and that machine robot is accessed from orchestrator by creating a robot as a name here in the ROBOT tab in orchestrator
–now i have a machine and lets take you have a machine
–both the systems that is machines are installed with uipath robot.
–i have a process developed in uipath studio and have published that in orchestrator
–if i want to run that process in my machine alone, wihout being a ENVIRONMENT option, i could have directly chosen my robot in orchestrator and execute the process
–but if i want to run in yours as well…and similarly in 50 machines of such. i wont be able to search each robot in ROBOTS tab in orchestrator, thats again a manual process right
–so here is what ENVIRONMENT Plays a major role
–its like a hub or group of robots that can be used to execute a single process in multiple machine at a time, and manage their execution at a time
–usually when a process is published and created in orhestrator we will be mentioning the environment name in the process tab
–so now if i have added your robot and the other 50 machiines in that orchestrator, whille executting the process, the environment tagged will be displayed and the robots tagged to that environment will be listted
–so that we can choose the robots we want tto execute that pprocess

hope this would help you
CHeers @Gaurav_Sharma

That is not true. And unfortunately it doesnt answer my question. I am trying to understand use of Enviornment construct from architecture and use stand point.

I agree with you. I want to find something that emulates the dev, test, prod step.
I thought environments would do it but I can’t see how.

For me I want to have a robot(script) that is the same but can determine which environment to log on to etc… some bits do access the database with very simple sql but of course the “library” names are different. It is to run on iseries. Did you find an answer?