Whole process disappearing when adding activity

Hi all

I’m having an absolute nightmare since the new update, the latest issue I’m having is that I’m adding an assign and an If into the “Else” part of an If. When I add the assign, however, my whole process disappears and is replaced by the assign??? I’ve attached a video to show what I mean:

What’s going on?!

This was happening to me yesterday, so I close and reopened UiPath a few times and it was still happening. I’ve tried again this morning and I’m having the same issue

Instead of dragging Assign activity, click the ‘+’ icon, search your activity in Search bar, double click on required activity from the dropdown list.

Hello @Short

This seems to be a weired behaviour. Can you try creating a new project and check it once.


Hi @Short ,

This looks apparently as a Bug, Could you please mention all the Info i.e Versions of Studio and the Packages used and their versions, so that either we / UiPath Team could check the same from their end for reproducing the issue.

Do note that there were major changes in the community release this time and hence there are considerable bugs also detected by several others.

We as a community member could track and reproduce the issue and inform the UiPath team about some potential bugs that will be occurring and they would make sure to fix and release it clean in the upcoming releases.

Thank you for your time on posting your Issue/Feedback.