UiPath Studio Bug

Hi team,

Please watch the video to know the bug, the video was big so i’ve zipped it.
Also, as i delete the assign and type it all over again, it works fine.

Let me know if it helps or you need more explanation on it.



Remove and reassign, It will resolves your issue


Copy the same assign which is not throwing error and can change the name to End Process

I believe its not a bug

Hope this helps


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@Srini84 I know the tricks on how to fix it. But i believe it’s a bug so reported it to team.


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What is your version of Studio and activity packages?
It seems like this bug should be fixed a long time ago.

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@loginerror Yes. But i have been facing the same from a long time now, so thought to report once.
Studio Version: Enterprise 19.10
Activity Packages: 19.10.1

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Could you try updating your activity packages to the latest preview versions and see if that fixes it for you? :slight_smile:


@loginerror No it doesn’t.
And moreover we develop bot to be put in production so we try not to use packages in preview.