Whole data table as single item into an orchestrator queue

I have a datatable that contains data for a single transaction and want to add it to a queue. (I actually have a couple of string values that I’m adding to the queue as well and obviously they work fine on their own)

There will then be many of these transactions

Is this possible?

I have tried using output data table to convert it to a string but when I use generate datable to get it back it’s all messed up.

I really need to keep the structure including the headers just not sure if this is possible.

Don’t understand why you can choose datatable type in add queue item activity if you can’t actually use that.

@charliefik Are you able to upload it to Queue ?

There is probably a limit to Orchestrator queue item data that you’ll hit but, if that’s not an issue, then you’d need to Serialize the DataTable to a String and Deserialize it back to a DataTable. There are ways to do this but none of them are one-liners that you can easily drop into UiPath.

The cleanest approach would be to do something like Convert DataSet to JSON - C# extension method example - Dotnet Learners and convert the DataTable to JSON, then query the JSON when you pull it back from the Queue.

Hi I could probably upload the messed up data that has been converted to a string but I cant upload a datatable object

Thanks Craig for the reply I’ll look into it but for now I may just put the data into an excel file and reference the file in the queue.


any one who has done and achieved this ? this will be really useful for me if some one can throw some light

Anyone able to achieve this?

Queue Items can’t be complex datatypes. Your best option is to save the data to Excel or CSV and then reference the file path as a string in the Queue Item.

It is possible to convert a datatable to JSON and put the JSON into the Queue Item as a string, but I don’t know the limitations on how much data you can do that with.


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