Upload an entire data table through queues and return the same

good afternoon
I would like to upload to orchestrator through queues, that is what I have already done, I returned a json file, but when I return it, it gives me the last value, and I want to return all the data as a table

some help?

Add queue item.zip (28.8 KB)

I attach my workflow just in case



@megharajky help

You want to create one transaction with all of that DataTable or one transaction for each row?

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for the moment, that the table is a whole transaction


it seems that the orchestrator is not working right now

if you want the whole table as one transaction, then remove that For Each Row…

I would suggest instead of uploading complete data-table you can give the excel path into queue.

Still you want to update datatable to queue you can convert datatable to string (using OutputDatatable activity) and add queue item.

(your attached example shows adding queues row by row)