Assign entire DataTable as QueueItem details


Is it possible to add a csv file or DataTable as QueueItem details? I’ve figured serializing the DataTable into JSON, but I have approximately 8K rows. Is there any workaround I can do in here?


Hi @_pjflo,

  1. These threads show use of Bulk adding queue and single item addition with their advantages and disadvantages

    Should queue items be uploaded manually or using a dispatcher for large volume of data to be fetched from a single CSV file - #5 by jeevith

    Bulk Uploading Queue Items with Reference & Deadline - #9 by jeevith

  2. Might not be exactly what you are looking for but this is another way you could send your
    Datatable as one key:value pair in a queue item
    Adding data table into queue - #5 by jeevith

Also just so you know there was a bug sometime ago when you use deadlines : Order processing queue - #17 by jeevith

Hi @_pjflo

You can use Add Bulk Queue Items activity this will accepts the Datatable as input


@_pjflo as of my understanding you want to add datable in one queue item instead of multiple rows.

Hi, yes, that’s correct. So it’ll be like the DataTable is in one QueueItem, maybe as QueueItem details/info.

Hi, I was trying to compress the DataTable into one Queue Item.

Hi @_pjflo

Ok, for that you can check below link for your reference

Hope this may help you