While extract specific data from pdf using anchor base(get text). I am getting the error message: The specified combination of selector, filter and scope is not supported(check the attachement)

Hello @prudhvi_raj1

Could you please share the screenshot of the flow and the selector you have used? Also are you getting this error for all the element or only for one element?

Hi @prudhvi_raj1 ,

Have we tried with the UiPath PDF Activities Package where we can extract all data from a Digital PDF as a String and then we can perform manipulation on the String to get the Desired values.

Do let us know if you have tried it and what was the outcome.


Hello @prudhvi_raj1 ,

Here could you confirm whether the idx is a constant value. I doubt it will vary for each page. Also her ins the selector I can see the Amount. So if the amount is different your script will fail.

So if you want to extract data from 10 pdf files, will the format of the files be same and same data you need to extract?

Did you explored the PDF package and read pdf activity? Using that you can get the entire text and using regex expressions you can split the values.

I think that would be better in your case.

Hi, @supermanPunch .
I did the same still getting same issue.

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan

Even I tried on single PDF file whether it stored the value or not, so that’s why i added message box to display the value, if it stored.

@prudhvi_raj1 , What was the issue/Exception you received when you use Read PDF Text Activity ?