Which Version of SQL Server

Sorry this is a bit of newbie question and I’m not even sure this is the right forum.

We are in the very early stages of learning to develop and deploy bots, so at this point we wouldnt be heavy users of Orchestrator. We only have a couple of bots at this stage running a few times a day. So far we have been using the UiPath platform version of Orchestrator but that is creating issues around Studio licensing and updating Studio.

Could we get away with using the free Developer or Express versions of SQL Server until we are ready to expand?

So i understand better, you have Enterprise or Community edition? If you are talking about installing on premises Orchestrator then you cant use Developer or Express version of SQL Server…

Hi Bcorrea,

We have the enterprise versions of Studio and Orchestrator, but we have yet to roll on to self hosted servers for Orchestrators.

Due to some bad planning we bought in to UiPath at the same time we had massive IT overhaul in the office. So setting up the servers got pushed back and back. While I have been learning using the community/platform version of Orchestrator has worked ok until now.

When I updated to the latest version of Studio over Christmas, it created all sorts of licensing issues which we have only just resolved. To avoid this happening again, we have opted to set up our servers. The boss is not keen on forking out for the full SQL server while we are still learning to use the tools, so he is asking if we can get away with the lower (i.e. free) versions for now

Maybe take a look at azure hosting to see if costs are better: Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Thanks again

We have no issues with using Azure, and that was the plan when we first set out, however our IT contractors have looked at the prerequisites for installation and have a preference for the self hosted SQL solution. I dont know why yet

Personally speaking the Azure solution seems simpler to work with. Would you know if there is a clearer, easier to follow guide to setting things up on Azure? Setting up servers (SQL, Azure) is outside or my areas of knowledge, so I’m kind of stuck in the middle here trying to find a way forward

for that link i sent you, everything will be done for you… there is no hassle but the bills :slight_smile:

Thanks - I like the sound of that. I will get our contractors to look at it again

Thanks again

I have got the bosses to go down the Azure route - so hopefully we will be fully up and running on it next week (fingers crossed)

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