Orchestrator - SQL Server Inquiry


I am a new RPA Dev and I am incharge of contacting people to help with installation of our Orchestrator. I am not very familiar with SQL Server. I am wondering if the Orchestrator needs a separate license for SQL Server if we have an existing one already that is being used on different application.

My question is, does the Orchestrator only need a new database on the existing SQL Server or it needs a separate SQL Server. I asked one of our DBA if we can use the existing SQL Server for DEV but he said we are in short of license.

Can someone give me a more layman explanation? Thanks

Yah even i want to know this either
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Kindly help us on this

I asked the support regarding this but they said Orchestrator need a dedicated SQL Server but on the other hand I remember reading that the server doesn’t need to be dedicated to the Orchestrator. I’m just really confused at this point. :thinking:

PS: This is for DEV set-up

Hi @wonderingnoname,
By this I think they meant separate instance of SQL. Look here in the documentation:

“The SQL Server machine can be shared with other applications. It does not need to be dedicated to Orchestrator.”

hey @Pablito thanks for the clarification.

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