Query on licensing for UiPath

Hi Team,

I have recently started referring to the documents for the UiPath licensing. I went thru the different licenses available with Uipath. But I am unable to reach to the conclusion for selecting the license for the requirement.

Let’s say, I have 2 processes which run twice a day and at the same time.
I will be needing 1 studio license as development m/c. but how to decide on robots?
moreover, how to divide them on environments(prod and UAT)?

Can someone please suggest. Also, any descriptive tutorial with example if available or someone might have gone thru?

Thank you

Hi Sheetal,
There can be multiple aspects to look at while deciding on the license type but on the basic level, you would know this by following below steps.

First and foremost you should be clear with the processes flow and it’s working which you are planning to automate.
Ø Then check if that process can be run unattended or it needs to be attended. (you would know this by knowing the process whether it can be run end-to-end without any pause or it would require human assistance or validation pause in between.
Ø If no inputs or pause required in between the process execution, Unattended is the preferred option. Else attended.

Hope you find this helpful :slight_smile:


Hi Shubham,

Thanks for your response.