Which is the better Developer Foundation course?

Hello All,

My aim is to obtain the Advanced RPA Developer Certification from UiPath before April 30th.

To that end, I enrolled in the RPA Developer - Advanced Learning Plan back in December of 2019. I’m currently taking Level 1 - Foundation Training - 2018.3 course, with ID: E-Y1QL40.

However, I learned in January that there is another “Developer Foundation” type course. It is called RPA Developer Foundation, and has ID: E-VR6P30.


  • If I want to get ready to take the certification exam in about 3 weeks, which of the two courses will better prepare me for the exam?

Hopefully someone from the Academy will chime in and clear up my confusion.


Try and learn the latest one. It will have details about the latest features.

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firstly learn the foundation course, orchestrator ,advanced training and then certification

@jpg90 - Aiming the certification is a great choice.
It would be easy to clear the exam when you complete the below 3 courses.
Also follow the all examples shared/required in the courses
Level 1 - Foundation Training - 2018.3
Level 2 - Orchestrator 2018.3 Training
Level 3 - Advanced Training

Hope this will help you!

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I think taking the latest one makes sense, but it is not extremely obvious which one of the two is the latest course.

Thanks @GBK. I agree that I need to take those 3 courses, and that it should be done in that order.

My question was more around which of the Level 1 Foundation courses to take, as it is fairly obvious there is more than one version.

@jpg90 - I understand your question - please check the list that i have mentioned the complete course names which you can find it search courses.
As per my knowledge Level 1 - 2018.3 is the starter pack which covers entire basics with a good examples.

Based on your time and flexibility - you can enroll and complete the other courses which are available in academy platform - that will improve UiPath skills for sure.


For an RPA developer certification need to be very clear in foundation orchestrator state machine and RE framework