Developer Training

I am new to UiPath. I want to start taking developer training. But i see there are 3 courses available.
Which one i should with?

RPA Developer Foundation (ID: E-VR6P30)
Level 1 - Foundation Training - 2018.3 (ID: E-Y1QL40)
Level 1 - Foundation Training - revamped - 2018.2 (ID: E-6VXZ80)

Thank you

Hi @MadhuK

Welcome to the community!!!

For you to do the developer training, you have to take the below courses…

  1. Level a foundation training 2018.3 or RPA developer foundation or both.

  2. Level 2 orchestrator training 2018.3

  3. Level 3 advanced training…

You will see these courses in the academy… if it check in course list of the academy in the home page and you will find it

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Thank you.