Which basic programming language do i have to learn for UIpath

Iam a RPA enthusiast

which basic programming language do i have to learn for UIpath

i heard one should know i should know C# or vb.net, Asp.net or so on… so iam vey much confused on this .

if yes. Which programming language i have to learn? and upto what level i have to learn.


Check below for your reference

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As you know we can start develop in both languages, the best choice is to learn both of them, C# and VB


how much time it takes it learn C# and vb.net

You don’t have to learn them to the level you’d need to program directly in those languages. The most important programming knowledge is basic flow control - what’s an If, a Do While, a For Each, etc.

These concepts are basically the same in every language. Once you understand those things, the specifics you need to know to do UiPath RPA will come from just doing it.

An example…you need the basic programming knowledge of the difference between a string and an integer, so that you know you have to convert an integer to a string in order to display its value. And all that requires is this basic vb.net: myIntegerVariable.ToString