Want to learn Basic Programing


Can someone share me the link to learn basic programing so that it will be easy for me to use codes in UIpath Studio?



A lot of help on this can be found in the RPA Foundation training course at academy.uipath.com.

Alternatively, there is a course for $11 at udemy.com:

Hi @Anthony_Humphries,

Which programming languages one need to know to work on UiPath Studio ?


VB.Net, and they will go over that in the primer course.

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Thank you @Anthony_Humphries,

Can you point out …which chapter in UiPath Academy tells about vb.Net ?


In UiPath Academy, they go over it in the foundation course. Most of what they teach you is in the Data Manipulation section.

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ok. got it.

is it C# language ?


Within Studio, VB.Net is used. But on the backend Studio is built using C#. If you want to get into advanced topics such as creating customizable activities, you’ll need C#.

Thank you @Anthony_Humphries