How to stop forcefully the execution of application

how to stop forcefully the execution of application

Hi @Aditya10989,

Do you mean the Uipath robot or another application? If it is another application, you could use the Kill activity.
In the Process Name parameter you can write in string the process name. To find the process name, open task manager and look under the tab ‘details’.

I want to stop Uipath robot

Ah, are you running your robot using orchestrator?

local and orchestrator both.Developing and testing in local then deploying to orchestrator

So when you are in development you can just stop robot by looking under the ‘execute’ tab in studio or end the robot process. When using orchestrator, in the ‘jobs’ monitor, when the process is running, you can click in the three dots right of the active process. There you can select ‘stop job’ or ‘kill job’. By selecting the Kill job you will stop the process immediately and forcefully.

I want manage in code.I am using if else condition if it comes in else part then it forcefully stop the execution

The simplest way is just use a throw activity and handle it in catch…

yes I used this but I am using if else condition.if it goes this particular condition then stop the execution

Ahaaa, you could use the Terminate Workflow activity.
Take a look at this post How to terminate workflow

Hi @Aditya10989

May be this thread help u.

yes I used this but not work in my case.this throw me error.

in this they mention code I try to open this I getting issue this activity either missing or could not be loaded.I tried to download dependency but not work

In this case they also used terminate work flow.but this is not working in my case.they used try catch
and in terminate work flow property exception value used exception
I want to use this in if else condition.So in my case terminate work flow property exception value exception not defined so I used new exception.But this also not worked for me @Unknown

Use Throw and add value new System.Exception(“Your Condition”)

This should terminate workflow with error.

throw only work in try catch exception but I want to apply this if else condition (12.6 KB)

If you run it from Studio, it termiate with exception message box and while runningfrom Orchestrator, it will terminate workflow and flag as error in Jobs Page

message box is must because I am trying without message box.its not working for me

If Message box is needed, use Message box activity and give some message on this…

No In my case message box not required I try without message box it not work for me this throw me error