Orchestrator - Should Stop Activity

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Does anyone have a good explanation for the Should Stop activity usage? I checked the Activities Guide provided but I couldn’t have a clear understanding of that.

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Bruno Costa

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Did you check this?

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Thank you @vvaidya, I checked this topic right now but even reading it, this is still misty for me!


Should Stop with a True value? But the Should Stop activity doesn’t contain any input parameter. Only the result of the execution of this activity…

Looks like If you click cancel button the

  1. robot will stop after it finishes
  2. if you have Should stop activity at some point in your code it will receive true value from Orchestrator (not user input) and will stop the process.
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Should Stop has an output parameter whose value is retrieved from the Orchestrator.
If set to true you can safely close the process, close all applications, and exit the process.


Thank you @badita, things are getting clearer now. I’d like to know when the Orchestrator changes this status, I mean, in each case, for example, I’d have Should Stop activity returning False?

When you click the Cancel button on a job.


Great! All clear now! Thank you guys!

Please @badita, if possible, it would be great to update the documentation in the Activities Guide with some of these information, cause I noticed that that was a little bit outdated.

Thank you very much!

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Bruno Costa.

I put Should stop between two Message Boxes and then press Cancel in orchestrator after the first box appear, but the second box still shows.
shouldn’t it stop?

Hi snoopy,

The way the Cancel and Should Stop works is like this.

  1. You click on Cancel
  2. Process completes all the way through

So in order to get it to stop you use the Should Stop and store the result into a Boolean variable. And follow that with a condition or decision box.

  1. When Process gets to a Should Stop, stores the Boolean to True
  2. Exits Process through an If Condition or Decision using that Boolean
  3. Shows Successful in Orchestrator unless you Throw something

Hope that helps answer your issue.



Thank you!
Seems so obvious now :grinning:

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