Where's the queue items stored?

I’ve completed the Level 2: orchestrator training and learned about queues and transactions, and I can’t understand two things related to queues.

First, where is the queue items are stored?
I think they are stored on UiPath server, because I didn’t set the computer which stores them.

Second, if so, can I set the local machine to store them to manage sensitive data, e.g. customer’s addresses etc?

I also confused about what written in About queues and transactions.
It says that we can hold an unlimited number of items, but I can’t believe that.
Is it really unlimited?

Thank you for your attention to my questions.

Please note that my answers below relate to the Community version of UiPath Orchestrator. The Enterprise edition depends on where you want to set your Orchestrator server up.

1.) The queue items are stored in the cloud (cloud.uipath.com).
2.) You can only do this with the Enterprise edition. However, sensitive data can be stored in a SecureString datatype for obfuscation. If you would feel more comfortable further encrypting the data, this could be done in Studio as well.
3.) It’s only theoretically “unlimited”. For all intents and purposes, you will not exhaust the cloud’s server storage capacity.


Thanks a lot!
I’ve completely forgotten about concerning about editions.

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