How long queue items can store in the orchestrator

How long queue items can store in the orchestrator and what is the maximum size of the queue


As far as I know, the queue Items will remain in the queue as long as it can be.

However, there are few maintenance considerations as Outlined in the link below that you can consider :

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your quick response @SowmyaLeo.

Is there any chance to store the Queues data into our local Database(Sqlserver)

If we have a large volume of data what is the best practice? Do we need to store the data in the Orchestrator database or our custom database?

Hi apologies for the delay. I think you will have to create an archive database. The details should be in the link above.

Thank you for your replay and I went through the above link. We can create a Archive database in our local sqlserver database but how can pull the data(queue items in my case)from Orchestrator cloud database, using Orchestrator API or any other way. Could you please elaborate your answer.