Where are Assets & Queues data are stored actually in Community version?

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I have a general question about security & storage policies UiPath has for its community version.
In Community license, when we upload data on various assets and queues, where are they actually stored? Are they stored on UiPath Cloud storage or some other data storage house? How does this work?

Was just curious about the technicality on data storage of anything stored on a community orchestrator and also, it’s security compliances?

And additionally, it would be very insightful if anyone can explain the same for enterprise version!!

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Data Storage and Security in UiPath: A Step-by-Step Guide

Community Edition:

1. Storage Location: Your data is stored in a centralized, secure UiPath cloud deployment within the European Union (EU). 2. Encryption: UiPath uses AES-256 encryption to protect your data at rest and in transit. 3. Security Audits: Regular third-party security audits ensure adherence to industry standards. 4. Access Controls: Define roles and permissions to manage user access securely. 5. Disaster Recovery: Backups and disaster recovery plans minimize disruption. 6. Shared Infrastructure: Some infrastructure within the deployment might be shared, but UiPath implements isolation mechanisms. 7. Limitations: Be aware of Community Edition data storage capacity limitations.

Enterprise Edition:

1. Deployment Choice: Select a deployment model that aligns with your security and compliance needs (public cloud, private cloud, hybrid). 2. Increased Storage: Enterprise Edition offers more data storage capacity. 3. Enhanced Security: Depending on your license, you might have access to advanced security features like advanced logging, auditing, and threat detection.

General Steps for Understanding Your Specific Situation:

1. Review Your License: Identify your UiPath license type (Community or Enterprise) and its specific features. 2. Assess Data Sensitivity: Consider the sensitivity of the data you’re storing and potential risks. 3. Consult Documentation: Review the official UiPath documentation for detailed information on storage and security: Automation Cloud - Data Residency 4. Contact UiPath Support: If you have specific questions or need guidance, contact UiPath support for clarification.

Thanks. This is helpful.
Are there any UiPath documentation that you can reference for these details…
that would be great…

A simple Google search gave me this…