How long do Queue Items remain when using UiPath Cloud (SaaS)

Hi All,

I have a question related to the Queue Item information, and how persistent it is when using UiPath Cloud Platform (SaaS). I know that Execution Logs have a 30 days persistency and Audit Logs have 2 years (Enterprise). My question is: Is there any place in the documentation where I can find how long does UiPath Cloud Platform keep Queue Item information? I can’t find it. I’m starting to worry that it’s only 1 year for successfull queue items, but I would appreciate it if anybody could confirm.


Hey @RockSolid,

I tried to find it but I also did not get it.

I think it should be same like execution logs.

Hi @shreyash_shirbhate.

Thanks for your answer. I don’t think it’s the case because I can actually see Queue Items that are older than 30 days (otherwise I would be in big trouble). And for Retried, Deleted, and Failed Queue Items, I can still see the ones that are older than 1 year.

The problem is with Successful queue items. I had to track some cases treated in Jan 2021. And all successful queue items are no longer there… Well, let’s see if somebody else answers pointing to the documentation.

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If you are using Enterprises Cloud Orchestrator then please raise support request. I guess they can answer your query better.