Where we can find the image name for created Selector in UiPath?


Where we can find the image name for created Selector in UiPath?
Example : e1483c6798f04ab8a1fc790de6380255.png

I didn’t get this kindly elaborate on this pls
Cheers @hsendel

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@Palaniyappan Again :slight_smile:
Let me explain:
for the below workflow , there an image created in “.screenshot” folder named : 98bfdc63a059b2325725e75539a1d991.png
How to find from “Ui EXplorer” that this Image is related to this workflow?GetImageName.zip (7.0 KB)

can you use a regex for that, trying use match activity some like /w.jpg pattern

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Thanks @luchovelez Can explain how to use regex?

is the activity matches and is match

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Can you share an expressive example for my case?

I will check how it works and let you know, but still need to clarify the scope of my query, is how to check a given image/picture in “screenshot” folder and it’s related workflow in UiPath?

sorry i don’t read the aclaration, do you need the name of the file for a preview screenshot?

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I dont think you can see that from the Studio, maybe if you look into the Xaml file for your project you can find it…

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YES, Exact!!! @luchovelez I need the name

is dynamic generated it is so hard to know what is, track the creation date

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So it’s not even available from Ui Explorer?

what is your necesity? maybe another approach is posible
maybe taking a screenshot with the activity and you name the image

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The necessity to know how UiPath Is cReating Image Name and to be able to track them in Screenshot folder.


the image name is a GUID is a unique name random generated name why do you need a name for informative image

To move only required images when we want to separate sequence from main XAML file

remove them with the option remove unused screenshot option in proyect manager

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YES , Seems this is the only Solution, anyway thanks a lot @luchovelez