Where to find Studio changelog

Hi everyone,
Does anyone know where can I find a Studio changelog? I’m looking for one please where I could see a full history of new features and bug fixes, be able to search and browse it. I’m aware that we have release notes, but I find it difficult to compare versions like that.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Slawek

You can find the logs in the below path

C:\Users\User Profile\AppData\Local\UiPath\Logs


Hi @Gokul001,
My question is about changelog not logs.

have a look here:

I have (it’s even linked in my post). Looking for one place with gathered information for different versions.

we shared with you the location link, as we don’t know from which link / resources you were talking about, due the link was not visually clear on a fast look

When the documentation is not within your expectations then feel free to submit a suggestion to the documentation team.

Again, I’m looking for one place with collected release notes for different Studio versions. If anyone knows where to find it I’ll be grateful for sharing the info.

Should look like this:

Again, when it is missing in this format you can share your idea with the documentation team.

Thanks for your feedback. Happy Automation :+1: