How to suggest edits for our documentation at!

How to suggest edits for our documentation at!

This document is part of our beginners guide.

You might not know it, but it is super easy to improve our documentation at :slight_smile:

All you have to make an edit suggestion. See below how:

1. Find the Suggest Edits button

It is placed next to article header

2. Create an account

3. Submit your feedback!

You will have access to the documentation page and be able to submit any edits you see fit. Our team will then evaluate your suggestion and merge it into the live article :slight_smile:

Afterwards, you can track your suggestion in your profile. You might receive an email when someone from our team comments on your suggestion to ask for more information or when your suggestion is added to the article.

P.s. This does not work with localized content.

Have fun editing!


@loginerror Does this mean just edit or sub topics can be added under that?


Hi @Sugumar8785. You can only edit existing topics, not add new ones.
But you can also leave comments with your edits where you could suggest the creation of a new topic.
Feel free to go wild on them suggestions! :grin: :dancer:


Wow…this is an awesome feature to have. Was waiting for this for a long time :slight_smile: