How to get a Copy of my level 4 Advanced RPA Developer

Hi guys,

Last year I´d obtain my level 4 certificate. I did lost my diploma, it´s vigent. I need a new copy. What can I do. Please help!!!

hi @frojasc

If you go to Uipath Academy, you can download pdf again.
I hope you find it.

Thank you @David_Jang for your quick response, the problem is that I can’t find the link to download the certificate of the final test, which is obtained after passing the practical exam. I have searched for it but I can’t find the option, I only see the courses I have taken and if I can download the pdfs but not the one I need for a new job. It will be that I am not looking well - I don’t have time to present it again now.

Hi @frojasc,

can you share the screen shot ? it was disabled or expired?



Login to below site using any of the available options and then download certificate.

Hi @frojasc
Just check your emails

I search in my personal email. @Maneesha_de_silva But you have given me a light. I think the reason may be that when I present the certification I use an email from a company where I no longer work … that email account was canceled. That could be the cause, also that account was linked to my user. I don’t know, I’m afraid I won’t be able to retrieve my certificate.
@arivu96 this is the screenshot:


By the way you won’t find the certification are you referring here in Uipath Academy.

You have to login above mentioned site to do download certificate.


Thank you for your patience friends. I finally did it.


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