Where is the support email/phone?

We had a third party assist with setting everything up and it is running as intended. I have been asked to manage things and I am working on learning all I can to ensure things run smoothly.

First, is there no support email or phone#?
I can’t find anything anywhere.
If there is, point me in that direction please.

If this is the place then I guess I found it.

The initial thing I am wanting to update/correct is the notice I am seeing about license allocation when I log in.

I have no idea what licenses are being used or how.
I can see some info on this at the bottom but before I go changing something that happens to break our bot process I would like someone to assist in explaining it to me so we can get that taken care of.

From there I am sure I will need additional support or someone to answer questions as I dig in further.

Appreciate your help.
Thank you.

Hello @svaiana , Welcome to the forums.

If you are a UiPath customer (not community user) you have the ability to open a support ticket by going to this page:

And when you open a support ticket, you have to furnish your license key to validate your paid customer status. Your Automation Cloud/Orchestrator Admin must be able to provide you with your License key information as it would not be possible for you to have a paying customer account without a license key.

Thanks and I hope this helps.


I appreciate you pointing me in the right direction.
We are a paid customer so we would have the license key.
The issues was having a third party company help us get this going so some of the initial info may reside with them.

I look all over the place when I am logged in to see if its noted somewhere and couldn’t find it so hoping to confirm if this is on any emails or documentation that was sent to us.

Do you know if the license key can be found somewhere in the profile / account info online?


Hello @svaiana,

You would’ve most likely received a license pdf file. It would definitely not be sent to the third-party but to you, the customer. The file will contain the license information and/or some kind of an activation key.

If you have an on-premise Orchestrator you will find the license info in a manner similar to this screen grab below:

On the UiPath Automation Cloud, you can go to Admin > Licenses to check if you can find the Enterprise Key.

The third option will be your procurement department if your purchases are handled by them.


@AndyMenon ,

I was able to locate the PDF on the second machine we had used for this project.
Seems they used that one for the actual work itself and the second one is where the bot is running its process.
The license allowed me to submit a ticket on the support page.
Appreciate your help.
Thank you.

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Great! Thanks for the update.


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