Where is the 'Attach Browser' activity?

I cannot find the activity of attaching to a browser.
The ‘Use Application/Browser’ activity requires me to specify a URL.
I want to manipulate an existing browser, not specify a URL.
Is the ‘attach browser’ activity gone?

Hi @kyoauei

Attach Browser is an Classic acitivity. You can find it by enabling the Classic Filter option in the activities panel.
Go to acitivities Pnael-> Click Filter and Enable Classic in that → Type Attach Browser

You can find the acitivity.


With Use Application/Browser, Url is only required if you value of Open is set to Always or IfNotOpen, ie. set it to “Never” and you don’t need to specify Url.

You should be able to find Attach Browser if you filter for Classic activities or set the desogn mode to Classic. However, the Modern activities allow you to use latest features so it would be worth to switch to use them.

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You can find the acitivity this way:

Hope it helps!!

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