Where is my created file?

When I run a project on my it creates csv file in a project folder.

When I publish it and run from assistant which is connected to orchestrator i’m not able to locate creatred csv file. I was looking in the orchestrator and search in my whole pc for file named “mail.csv” but nothing.

After clicking “run” it gives me information like on the left side at the beginning and nextly information like on the right site.

Where can I look for my file/how can I get my file?

Thanks in advance!

look on the .nuge store - c:\Users\UserName\.nuget\path to your package and its version within the subfolders

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Hi @Michal_Podlasin

Click on the File explorer in projects of uipath studio.

where the file is stored and mail.csv!



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Can you check the following path?



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You might have got to know where to find the file from above comments.

As you have mentioned no path the file is created in the project folder, and if you run from orchestrator that project folder is in .nuget folder of current user in c drive.

Recommended approach should be to use a path that’s easy to find for the user.

You can use Get environment path, that will give you current user’s special folder path

Get current user’s Special folder path

Hope this helps!

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