Where to find the csv file after running my process from UiRobot.exe and .nupkg file?

Hello, Before running the process from CMD, i.e., using UiPath Studio, the CSV file is created at the file location folder and I can access it.
But now after publishing the project and running the process using UiRobot.exe and running the .nupkg file, I am unabke to find the output CSV File.
Where should I find the CSV File? I have checked it inside the project folder and also inside the folder where .nupkg file is stored, but was unable to locate it.
Any help would be appreciated

Hi @YashBiswakarma ,

Before publish and run studio, could you please inform filepath for the outpus CSV file.

Maybe for your case the output store in local directory :
C:\Users\{username}\.nuget\packages\{robot name}\



Can you check the following?

Windows legacy project


Window or Crossplatform project



Thanks, I found it under the packages folder you have mentioned. Inside packages, the folder is saved by the .nupgk filename

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