Unable to View/Access Excel file, job ran successful from Orchestrator

I ran a particular workflow to save the details in excel file and it was working perfect saved the file at the relative path given in the Config file. But after i publish the workflow to orchestrator then running a job I don’t see excel file saved at a particular location.

I have checked these paths in my machine, but no luck in finding it:

  1. %Programdata%/UiPath/Projects/Project_Name/lib/Net45
  2. C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Local\UiPath\Projects\Project_Name\lib\net45

Please let me know, how can i find the excel file.



Assuming there are no coding flaws…
There was a bug where if the file was seen as “in use” for whatever reason, it would automatically save the file (with ‘Create New File’ property on) to the local location in C:\Users<username>\Documents … regardless of what path you wanted to save it as. So, look there and try to do a search for the file on the local locations of the machine running the job in Orchestrator, to see if you can find the file.

EDIT: this bug was with using the Excel Scope


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Thanks @ClaytonM ,
I did check the “C:\Users\Documents…” path and searched the local machine though, but didn’t that file in my machine saved.

Ps: Deleted all the excel file created, when running using Studio and then ran in Orchestrator.

I found the file at the below location after searching enter C drive in the machine.

Path found: C:\Users\USERNAME\.nuget\packages\PROJECTFOLDER\1.0.1\lib\net45\Data

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