Can I export/create a CSV from a process run from the UIPath orchestrator?

Hi UIPath wizards,

I have created a simple webscraping task in UIPath studioX and published a package in the linked Orchestrator cloud account. Now, on StudioX, I can get the scrape results in a csv as per the corresponding activity in the designated folder.

If I run the same process on Orchestrator, it does run successfully but I can’t locate the resultant csv that should have been created. I want to know if it is possible to create this CSV or not. If yes, where can I find it - on the orchestrator or on my local? How/where can I change this save location?

Hi! You are probably using relative paths. Try using an absolute path to indicate required save path. If more help is needed please send automation code or screenshot from UiPath

The process is run under the designated account that you have configured the Robot to run the Job as, so as @krzysztof.szwed indicated If you are using Relative paths without indicate a Parent/Root, it most likely will end up in the local Nuget Package on the machine the Job was ran under the user that ran it.

You’ll either want to use Absolute Paths as already suggested, or have a configurable Parent/Root Path which then you can keep the internal logical relative to the root.

Either way if you use Relative or Absolute, if you are defining the path so that it looks like C:\mypath\file, it is still going to be local to the Robot/Machine/User that ran the job.