Where does template used in Form Extractor Saved?

I created a form extractor and want to know where does template used in extractor saved? Is it saved in project folder or local machine? Required to know the folder location.

Just to give more context to it - I created two form extractor and it was extracting as per the expectation but, recently when i noticed that edit option of that form extractor is not visible due to which I am not able to modify anchor and all for that particular form. So wanted to know how it is saved or how can we fix it?

You can go for “Manage Template” there in you’ll have an option to “Export”. Further, you can choose your folder to save the template.

The template used in a form extractor is saved in the project folder. The folder location is:


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I do not see any folder within project file as .UiPath


I do not see that template. It is only X to delete but no update button

Ideally the first time when you create a Form Extractor activity, the folder will be created automatically.
Is it deleted by any chance or hidden


Ok I got this steps what you mentioned, but my concern is something different.
Here (your screenshot) you see a pencil option in the right hand side to edit this template and this will be there if we have already template present. Right now I can not see that pencil in the right side but only delete (X) button in my project, because my project does not have that file present. If I export with original file (same you mentioned) it is giving error as this does not have templates. So I want to know where does this file (template) saved in project.

But I have project where I can see edit option that means we have the template but still i could not see .UiPath folder in that project

Did you read the file (doc/pdf) the one you are using and extracted the data using document understanding activities?

@A-Ui - Yes I do read the file.

@Palaniyappan : Looks like folder name changed. There will be one folder which is hidden inside the project folder called .local which saves this data.

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