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When we create templates using the template manager wizard in Intelligent Form extractor. Where are they stored ?
If I share the xaml with the team, why are they not able to edit the templates created by me ?


Hi Please check this post, when you create a template you can export it and share it with the team.

If you have already created a template, then it can be edited, exported, or removed.
Delete and Export buttons become available only when at least one template is selected. The Edit and Remove options for an individual template are always available.

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Thanks Sharon.
The issue is when the xaml is shared, the other team member cannot edit the templates created by me.
Is there an option to change these templates via json (without opening the code itself)



this is what @preeti.thukaram1 is talking about.

This is from a shared file. The edit option is not available.


Can you please share your workflow or screenshots of your workflow for a better understanding?


the above screenshot is from a shared file, which has DU. After downloading , trying to edit the template created by the owner for Intelligent form extractor, the manage template opens like this , without having the edit option active. when selecting the original code the edit option is available, its missing when shared.
original looks like β†’


Did the workflow shared by the author is it was a complete project zipped and shared or share through files?


email attachment , compressed file


Follow these steps and you will be able to edit it.

First of all, you have to export the template. For that, the machine in whose the template is defined, need to select the template and click export, and then you will find two options 1. Export with original files 2. Export without original files. Select Export with Original files (Reference Screenshot below)

Then, a screen will pop up like below and enter the name for the zip file.

Now, share the flow along with the template zip file.

Now, in the second system, which you’re now facing the issue of being unable to edit.
Click Import and select that zip file.
(Reference Screenshot below)

Now, the Import Templates screen will appear, it will display all the templates inside that zip file. Now, select the template β†’ click Import β†’ import with original files (Reference Screenshot below)

Now, you will be able to see that template with the edit option (Reference Screenshot below)

I hope this helps to solve your issue.
Kindly, mark it as a solution if you achieve the same.


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Yes, it solves the problem.
Thank You for the detailed explanation.

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Thank you …

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