Document Udnerstanding - Form Extractor

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I am using a form extract to extract some static fields. But when I am moving the whole project folder to different folder then in the Form Extractor Template it is showing “No template Document”.
Can anyone please explain me this and also the best practises to follow ?


I have faced this situation while doing project so basically, in UiPath Studio can’t find the document or file that the template was originally created from. This happens when you move the project folder to a different location because the relative path to the template document is no longer valid.

This is the reason that’s why we can’t see the template , if we create and move to another folder
We can’t edit or do any changes for that particular template,

If you required to modify in template you need to create another template…

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Can’t we keep it in a shared path ?

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Yeah,keeping in a shared path is the best approach compared to moving another folder


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