Not able to find web input field(target element)

Hi friends

Thanks for your help always.

i need to type user id and password and click login on a web screen.

But always whole screen is found , i tried all options.
its IE. target element is not found.

Tried with F4 too.

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install chrome extensions and try!
try with Chrome!


Please install extension and enable the extension
If you already installed, uninstall and install again.

For more info -

Karthik Byggari

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hi @oshan

Open UiPath > Home tab > Tools

Click on the browser you want the automation to occur…

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Hi All

I tried to install , it shows the below message

when i checked in chrome it was not there.

remove chrome extension from web and close chrome application and install chrome extension from studio and try!

Kindly try with COMPUTER VISION activities
This will help you in this kind of image based data entry

Cheers @oshan