Whenever opening existing UiPath project the Xaml files are in (Read only) mode this not allowing to edit the workflow

Hi all, I am trying to open an existing project which i was did before and it opens in read only mode. I am not in debugging mode so I don’t know why I can’t edit it.

i have try with all existing project’s also but same issue.

if you know the solution please let me know. Thanks.

Hi All,

After did several things as mentioned (Resolution steps) now my issue is resolved.

Root Cause:
You might have opened the existing project from “Open Recent” (initial uipath dashboard) section from uipath studio, due to this all project related dependencies and workspace activities might be not loaded properly leads to showing Xaml files in (Read only) mode.


  • Close all opened UiPath projects from Uipath studio.

  • perform Kill / End Uipath processes in task manager.(which are running in background)

  • Restart your PC.

  • Open the project from “Open a local project” option.

                                i'm sure issue will resolve.


I’ve encountered a similar (Read Only) issue which these resolution steps did not resolve (while running UiPath Version 2020.4.3 at the time):

The error occurred when receiving zipped .xaml files via email which I was only able to open as (Read Only):

I would Save As to my local UiPath Projects folder stored in My Documents, but when attempting to reopen the file, UiPath would become unresponsive:

I began troubleshooting and uninstalled and downloaded the most recent UiPath Community edition version 2020.8.0-beta.278, which did not solve the issue, so I uninstalled again to match versions to the sender, but continued to encounter the same issues.

I ended up moving the .xaml files up one folder level only to receive the same unresponsiveness from UiPath which I’ve previously experienced. It wasn’t until I moved the .xaml file to my Desktop that it was able to open properly. For this reason, I moved my entire UiPath Projects folder to my Desktop and was able to run all of my UiPath .xaml files. I uninstalled and re-downloaded UiPath version 2020.8.0-beta.278 and everything seemed to be functioning properly, but was still unable to access my UiPath Projects folder from My Documents.

Though I’ve remedied my issue, I was hoping to gain some insight as to why this fix of opening .xaml files from my Desktop worked?

Hi Forum,
I’m also facing the same issue, can anyone help me to solve this?

Check what license do you have. As far as I remember with attended license you could get read only option.

This is the license I’m using:
UiPath - Flex -
Automation Developer -
Named User

I’m getting that read-only error message for all my projects in UiPath studio not only for a particular project.
I’m unable to edit my workflows. please give me a solution.

Close studio, restart computer. Change license for anything else and go back to automation developer. Open assistant and confirm that license was downloaded. Chcek studio.

Check if you have any government policy (maybe there is a problem) I know that with attended license studio has only read option.

If the restart doesnt help contact with UiPath support