When will UiPath solve the Type Into % bug?

For years and years UiPath is having a problem with Type Into.

Everytime I edit the value, it adds “%” sign in front.
Only solution how to get rid of it is to copy the activity and paste.

It is such a small but annoying thing.

Thank you for solving this bug!

Confirmed. I just did some testing and saw the same thing. I’ve used Type Into a ton in the last year and never saw this issue, so I think it’s because you’re trying to code CTRL and other command keys, rather than using Send Hotkey.

I think it appears when there are more than two keys [k(…)]. And when I edit it, adding for example enter to the end.
I don’t know why, but I always rather use TypeInto with the keys rather than Send Hotkey, somehow it was always more reliable and also if I use special keys as CTRL+H and so, I can set up DelayBetweenKeys so it can be performed slower for slow systems. :wink:

btw - [d(ctrl)]h[u(ctrl)] is a regular way how to work with special keys in TypeInto, but not much documented. I love it though, it gives me power to know exactly what is pressed and typed :wink: