PC freezes when i run Uipath robot and Explorer in Sap

Hi all,

i have 2 robots running for a few months in SAP.
2 weeks ago, there has been some kind of update in Sap.

now 1 Robot works just fine, and the other robot Stops at every step (because it doesnt recognize the elements)

when i try to get the Selector with uipath explorer everything freezes… dont understand why? it worked fine before. it recognizes everything, but when i get the the loging screen of SAP with Exploreren trying to select the username or password element, it freezes.

what did i do:

  • Sap scripting is Checked at server and client side. (sap version 4.70 patch 16 HF1)
  • I reinstalled Uipath (lastest stable version) (2016.2.6442)
  • i run this: Here is a script that performs basic checks on SAP GUI scripting: Dropbox - sap-check.js - Simplify your life
    The source code contains all the details about how to execute it as comments.
    You should run it when SAP automation works and also when it stopped working to see if there are differences in diagnostic messages in the console. Everything is OK!
    i dont know what to do more?

also, when running the robot, it is waiting after loging in to sap, and keeps waiting (doesnt stop, doesnt doe anything) pc freezes, i cant stop it (only switching off pc)

it has to be the the GUI settings… but i dont know what?

thanks all!


This problem is related with the GUI setting. Please Activate the scripting first to indicate any selector.
You have to do this 2 settings:


Thanks ninet,

its already Activated, but do i need to indicate “Notify when a script attaches to SAP GUI” to??
the only thing that is indicated now is “Enable scripting”