When running robot SAP waiting for long time for user to log in to the system

I installed an attended robot(using command line in task scheduler) which needs SAP functions in the server. When the task is scheduled, i can see that robot is not able to login to SAP unless a user is logged in. Robot is finishing the steps before login to SAP( checking the email ) and then the instance is waiting for more than half n hour to wait for user to log in. Once the user logs in, robot immediately starts running from where it left.
Any idea what could be wrong or any troubleshooting suggestions?


Slowness is possible when you are working on long running bots, It’s due to low memory / other applications are running parallel

  1. Try to close other unused applications
  2. Try to clear temp files created
  3. Also check bot has sufficient RAM

Hope this may help you


Its a new machine an nothing is installed other than robot