Robot is not responding during execution of a process


So I have a problem with the uipath robot(.exe).
During the execution of an process it can happen that the robot gets incredibly slow. For example it needs 40 seconds to find an input field (in sap) and to put the input in it. It is finding the selector.

I found out with the helpt of the task manager that the robot exe is not responing when it’s encountering this slowness.

It’s not a real big problem for us but it’s annoying.
Did any of you have the same problem? And if yes, how did you solve it.

Does this process runs normally when in you development PC? Did you see how is the server resources where this problem happens?

A process of a collegue runs normally in development but he works directly on a server. A process of mine has this problem and i’m running it on my pc.

In both scenarios the robot does not run properly on our test environment. The task manager indicated that the server has enough ressources,

how about your SAP server is it ok on resources while this slow robot is running?

yes everything ok. the activities which are executed while the process is slow, are also not so ressource intensive. For one examplte it’s just a click on a button.

Maybe it’s just a problem with the robot…