When i try to click on 'indicate on element' option for any activity through excel application resource, error occured and uipath studioX crashes itself. Also I am not able to run simple excel activities

As soon as i click on ‘Indicate on Element’ option for any activity with in excel application resources, my system hangs for few seconds and then throws error ‘UiPath Studiox Stopped working’. and the the uipath studio X automatically crashes then i have to open it again. This same error occured when i try to click on project Notebook, it automatically crashes.
Also, when i try to run a simple program in uipath studio X, it shows an error: uipath executor has stopped working 20.4.0-beta.718

Message: Job stopped with an unexpected exit code: 0x000000FF

Exception Type: System.Exception

RemoteException wrapping System.Exception: Job stopped with an unexpected exit code: 0x000000FF
I have tried to downgrade the package version but the same error occurred. Is this problem related to microsoft excel version?? because i am using the older one… but I have already added the excel addin and when i click on excel addin it says ‘installation succesful please restart the microsoft excel application’ which i have already restarted many times.
Kindly help!! I have already missed the practical approach for week1 "reboot you skills"training because this issue. I dont want to miss this week…:frowning:

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@loginerror please help me with thiserror

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Even i am facing the similar issue,
Runtime execution error
"RemoteException wrapping System.Exception: Job stopped with an unexpected exit code: 0x000000FF "

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which excel version you are using ???

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Excel 2007 and Excel activities 2.8.3-beta 890325

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same here, i can’t even upgrade my microsoft office suite as it would cost a lot of money.

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You need at least office 2010.
Excel 2007 is not supported.


Thanks, i will try to upgrade my Microsoft office 2007 to 2010. then i will check

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@Ruchithakur07 , it might be because of system load . I mean you system is not able to handle load because it is not that compatible . RAM can be another issue…

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it was because of excel version 2007 but i cant upgrade it because i dont know where is my product key and i can’t buy new version because of lockdown these days.

@Ruchithakur07 , you can download MS Office 2013 crack from torrent . This problem will be solved then , and If you want its direct link. Ping me once


sorry i have not used linkedln from a very long time so it is asking me premium membership… can you send the link to my mail id???

Thanks problem fixed

working after upgrade from office2007?

Yes it is working after i moved from 2007 to 2010