When I convert this CSV, the data gets confused. By accents or columns, etc

Hey guys.

there’s a CSV that I honestly think uipath can’t convert correctly.

I tried in every way possible.

I even did this with the Generate Date activity.

It turns out that when it is converted, all the data is completely corrupted.

Either by column, accent.

Could someone try to help me?

test.txt (1.4 KB)
test2.txt (1.9 KB)


I was able to read the first file with the Read Csv activity by removing the top 3 lines, which seem to be not part of the tabular data.

You need to

  • remove lines that are not part of the tabular data
  • use the Read Csv activity
  • set the delimiter to semicolon
  • find the correct encoding for funky spanish characters
  • activate HasHeaders
  • set IgnoreQuotes to true
  • and set output to a DataTable variable

The second file I looked at is structured even worse!! The delimiter seems to be a tabspace and the column headers are all over the place!

The general rule of thumb for data processing and RPA especially is:

RPA Golden Rule

Shit in → Shit out :poop:


Happy automating and good luck :wink:


Hope the following helps you.

For test.txt

For test2.txt

Sample20210920-2.zip (4.1 KB)


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