CSV to Datatable


I am trying to convert a CSV into a data table. I am using the activity “Read Text File” and using “Generate Data Table” afterwards.

The problem is that the column separator “;” is not registered every time it occurs:

Does anyone have a suggestion in how to make UiPath register every column seperator or even a better solution in converting the CSV into a data table?

Can you please share the text file ?

Did you try the ‘Read CSV’ activity?

RawData.xlsx (9.9 KB)

I tried uploading the CSV file, but i am not allowed to do so. So I have converted the file into excel

Hi Jacob,

“Read CSV” returns that the file type is invalid (Sytem.exeption)
But the file is still “.csv”

It seems like the “CSV Parsing” solved my problem. Thanks for taking the time assisting me. Much appreciated!


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