Problem with CSV file. The dataTableCSV is in Japanese

Hi, I want to pass a csv file to a DT, and then append that DT with another CSV. But I can’t. The csv file looks normal in a virtual machine. But the same csv file looks different in my computer.

Also, in Uipath it is seen in Japanese.

Why does the same file look different? How can I fix it?

I leave an image so you can see what the CSV file looks like. I also leave the workflow. Thanks friends!!


readCSV.xaml (8.4 KB)

It looks like some kind of encoding problem, so you could try to investigate how the activity you used (CSVToDataTableActivity) handles that.

Also, did you try to use the Read CSV activity instead? Do you have the same problem?

@Mateus_Cruz I just tried it.It says: The CSV file format is invalid :frowning:

Is it possible to share the CSV for investigation?