Control abruptly passing to END PROCESS in RE Framework even there is transaction data

I’m using RE Framework but here after “GET TRANSACTION DATA” state control is directly moving to “END PROCESS” even though transaction data is available for “PROCESS TRANSACTION”. Control is not coming to this state and directly executing end process state.

Can anyone let me know what should I do in this case?


From Get transaction state, it there is an exception while fetching tranaction item, it will take No Data transition. I would suggest to create 2 transition.
1 → If no data found from Queue/other data source.
2 → System exception

So that you have better control on the flow.



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Could you please run the workflow in debug mode and check it once Where is the exact issue. So that we can check and let you know.

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kindly ensure that you have made this condition clear in the transition between Get TransactionData state and the End state

like ensure that you have the argument value is passed to the variable TransitionItem

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